What Is A Real Estate Housing Hell?

Real estate is NOT National- Not Regional- But very local! 

Our great negative newspaper loves to spread ill will it seems. Doom and gloom sells papers I suppose or else why would they keep reporting this stuff?? 

Here is a snippet from our local paper:

” South Florida and the Sunshine State are stuck in housing hell…”

What is the point of this statement? What part of South Florida or what part of the Sunshine State is he referring to specifically? How verifiable is his statement and what investigative reporting and research did he do prior to writing this statement and the rest of his article?

How many real estate brokers did he talk to to verify this statement?

And did he talk to top producing brokers and agents who are kicking butt with sales in South Florida or is he asking those about to give up being an agent and not renew their dues at the end of the year?

All answers to open ended questions are the result of perspective, attitude and one’s own understanding.

What is a housing hell? 

That is quite a scary term if you ask me. Would this cause homeowners to just give up and not even try to do a short sale first if they can not pay their mortgage payments? 

Would this cause people who need to sell, to just walk away or not to sell? 

Real estate is very local. Very local. 

In Miami for instance, the prices along the waterfront, South Beach, Miami Beach- went up over 50% in 2011! There are bidding wars, people are coming to Miami from Brazil with cash to buy penthouses and other waterfront condos! The new units are selling fast! They are ahead of their projected sales in new condo projects. 

Is that housing hell? I don’t think so!! 

In Wellington we have wonderful horse farms and equestrian properties that are sought after year after year. We only have about 19% of our inventory on the market labeled as short sales and very few foreclosed properties. We are selling and closing properties in Wellington Florida as our many other agents in Wellington Florida. 

We have more buyers requesting properties to buy here than we have had in years. Our buyers agents are so busy with the leads we send to them that they are telling us they can’t handle any more people to work with until the help those they are helping. 

Is that housing hell? I don’t think so!!! 

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