Loxahatchee Short Sales

Loxahatchee Short Sales provide some great buys in the western communities of Palm Beach County.  Loxahatchee Short Sale agents

Loxahatchee Groves is an equestrian community and also is adorned with many garden nurseries where you can buy tropical palm trees, fruit trees and landscaping plants.

There was a stigma over Loxahatchee for a while over a cancer cluster scare. This hurt the property values. Those buyers who were keen to the fact that these kinds of rumors tend to go away after a while were able to take advantage of some great prices being offered in Loxahatchee.

But like the rest of South Florida property values took a hit in Loxahatchee when the real estate market when bust.

This has created a lot of homes that are underwater on their mortgages. If you are planning to live in your home for a long while then now is not the best time to sell in most situations. But if you get relocated for work, get sick, lose your job or many other reasons- you may need to think about doing  a Loxatchee short sale and choose an agent who knows how to do short sales and understands the Loxahatchee market.

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