Loxahatchee Short Sale Agents- Short Sale VS Foreclosure

Loxahatchee Short Sale Agents- Short Sale VS Foreclosure  

You may have heard from your friends or neighbors that you should just put the keys to your house on the counter and walk away from your Loxahatchee home.  Loxahatchee short sale agents

That is not always the best option. We are not attorneys but we do know a lot about the short sale process. We have been helping short sale sellers since 1995. This is not the first downturn in the housing market we have worked through.

What is the difference between a short sale and a foreclosure?

A Foreclosure is when the bank takes your house away from you through a judicial court procedure here in Loxahatchee Florida.

The most common reason that the bank files a foreclosure summons and complaint against you is when you stop making your mortage payments. If you stop making your mortgage payments you could lose your home to foreclosure. 

A short sale is a way to avoid foreclosure. A Loxahatchee short sale is when you negotiate an agreement with your bank for them to accept less than you owe to them when you have a buyer for your home.

At the completion of a Loxahatchee short sale you will be asked to vacate your property. If your home is your Loxahatchee Florida primary residence you may qualify for a HAFA short sale.

In a HAFA short sale you will be getting up to $3000 to move out of your home to help you with your relocation expenses. If you have an old WAMU or old WACHOVIA loan you may be able to even get up to $20,000 from the proceeds of your home when you sell it to a buyer even though you are under water on your mortgage. 

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