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Royal Palm Beach Hires Company To Track Foreclosures

Royal Palm Beach hires a company to track homes that are in foreclosure. 

The Royal Palm Beach village council voted and confirmed they will be hiring a third party company, Federal Property Registration Corp to track foreclosures. Royal Palm Beach has been doing this work in house and it is very time consuming and not an effective task for a city to undertake. 

There was a difference in what Royal Palm Beach village was finding and what the company was finding. The company can track back further than the city was able to do. The city had a staff who tried to do it themselves for three months. 

The company collects a fee of $75 per registration and the village charges $150 per registration. This company services about 25 communities in Florida, Georgia and Pennsylvania. 

It was a unanimous decision of 4 to 0 in favor of hiring this company to track and monitor the foreclosures in Royal Palm Beach Florida.