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Loxahatchee Short Sales- Can I Do A Short Sale On My Loxahatchee Property?

Loxahatchee Short Sales- Can I Do A Short Sale On My Loxahatchee Property? 

Your family, friends and associates are well-meaning. They share their concerns and advice with you. Sometimes their advice is based on hear say and sometimes it is based on past events that have taken place in their own lives. In 2007 the short sale market really started to happen here in Loxhatchee Florida but most agents and most sellers and most people did not even know what a short sale was. The banks did not even know how to handle them and were ill equipped to take on the enormous case load of thousands upon thousands of short sale files that hit their loss mitigation departments across the country from Florida, California, Arizona and Nevada. 

So many of the stories you hear about how a short sale was done in 2007 is way different that how they are handled today in 2011 and into 2012. It used to be as I have written in many of our earlier articles on short sales that you had to have a hardship to do a short sale. That is not alway the case any more. In fact, some lenders are not even asking to see your financial statements any more. Some lenders are paying your moving expenses up to $20,000 at your short sale closing. 

We have been getting sellers who have old WAMU loan and old Wachovia loans up to $20,000 at the closing. This is sometimes a dream come true and a huge surprise to sellers who are so upside down. Just imagine what twenty grand can help you- you can even put a down payment down on another property through an FHA loan if you relocated because of your employment and you were not late on your mortgage payments or you were only late because your bank told you they would not process your Loxahatchee Short Sale unless you were late. 

Times have changed. We are not attorneys and we are not giving you legal advice. We have great attorneys that work with us, that we confer with, that our sellers can hire if they choose to and that we help in short sale situations. We offer Loxahatchee homeowners a free, no obligation short sale evaluation that is totally confidential. 

Loxahatchee Short Sales- Legal Updates

The National Association of Realtors® Legal Scan – Legal Issues did a survey on issues facing Real Estate Professionals, it is the opinion of Brokers, agents and attorneys that the biggest disputes are and continue to be about disclosure issues especially concerning short sales. 

The disputes center around the issue of property disclosures, the disclosure of known material defects to a property in short sales. It is being reported that some Brokers and agents are not disclosing material defects. 

Dual agency in those states that have dual agency is another issue of concern. Florida is not a dual agency state. The other complaint is about agents breaching their fiduciary duty. Again, in Florida it is presumed that brokers are acting as transaction brokers unless a single agency agreement has been entered into. 

Because Loxatchee  short sales and other Florida short sales are sold in “as is” condition, sellers and agents are not providing sellers’ property disclosures and many who are – have property disclosures that are weak and lack quality. Of course, if the property has never been lived in by the owner of the property and that owner does not live in Florida they would not necessarily have knowledge of defects depending on who was handling their property. 

We really encourage buyers agents to strongly suggest to their buyers to have a home inspection completed within the first 20 days of their offer being accepted by the seller, before the bank approves a short sale. This way, the buyer can move to look for another property should the inspection report come back with repairs the buyer is not willing to accept. 

The NAR- National Association of Realtors®  legal scan report it also states that there is a disclosure problem with agents not disclosing that the listing is a short sale or soon will be a short sale. This is a whole other topic because this dispute has two sides to it. It has an agent who has a duty to disclose material defects and it can be argued that a short sale is NOT a material defect to the property. It can also be argued that a seller who may get fired by his employer for doing a short sale needs to keep this information private and that by making his short sale situation known to the world especially online can damage him which then is another dispute about confidentiality of his financial condition. 

As your Loxahatchee short sale agents we keep up with the legal updates. We are not attorneys and are not giving you legal advice. Call us at  561-753-0135 for a confidential Loxahatchee short sale qualification phone meeting. No obligation

Loxahatchee Short Sales

Loxahatchee Short Sales provide some great buys in the western communities of Palm Beach County.  Loxahatchee Short Sale agents

Loxahatchee Groves is an equestrian community and also is adorned with many garden nurseries where you can buy tropical palm trees, fruit trees and landscaping plants.

There was a stigma over Loxahatchee for a while over a cancer cluster scare. This hurt the property values. Those buyers who were keen to the fact that these kinds of rumors tend to go away after a while were able to take advantage of some great prices being offered in Loxahatchee.

But like the rest of South Florida property values took a hit in Loxahatchee when the real estate market when bust.

This has created a lot of homes that are underwater on their mortgages. If you are planning to live in your home for a long while then now is not the best time to sell in most situations. But if you get relocated for work, get sick, lose your job or many other reasons- you may need to think about doing  a Loxatchee short sale and choose an agent who knows how to do short sales and understands the Loxahatchee market.

Loxahatchee Short Sale Agents- Short Sale VS Foreclosure

Loxahatchee Short Sale Agents- Short Sale VS Foreclosure  

You may have heard from your friends or neighbors that you should just put the keys to your house on the counter and walk away from your Loxahatchee home.  Loxahatchee short sale agents

That is not always the best option. We are not attorneys but we do know a lot about the short sale process. We have been helping short sale sellers since 1995. This is not the first downturn in the housing market we have worked through.

What is the difference between a short sale and a foreclosure?

A Foreclosure is when the bank takes your house away from you through a judicial court procedure here in Loxahatchee Florida.

The most common reason that the bank files a foreclosure summons and complaint against you is when you stop making your mortage payments. If you stop making your mortgage payments you could lose your home to foreclosure. 

A short sale is a way to avoid foreclosure. A Loxahatchee short sale is when you negotiate an agreement with your bank for them to accept less than you owe to them when you have a buyer for your home.

At the completion of a Loxahatchee short sale you will be asked to vacate your property. If your home is your Loxahatchee Florida primary residence you may qualify for a HAFA short sale.

In a HAFA short sale you will be getting up to $3000 to move out of your home to help you with your relocation expenses. If you have an old WAMU or old WACHOVIA loan you may be able to even get up to $20,000 from the proceeds of your home when you sell it to a buyer even though you are under water on your mortgage.